A while back Shia LaBeouf delivered a passionate, albeit odd motivational speech for which he was highly ridiculed. Characterized  by strange body movements and intense shouting of “just do it”, LaBeouf’s rantings brought about scores of parody videos, “just do it” mash ups, and hours of endless entertainment. The featured image of this post is me posing with a “just do it” sign I spotted a lady holding while running the Disneyland Half Marathon. Shia’s “just do it” rant became a thing–an inside joke for many, but inspiration for me right around mile 7! While his words aren’t life altering, or too thought-provoking, I’m prepared to give the guy a little credit because I feel there’s value in his message. Since we Tick Tock Listers are doers, I figured he’d fit in well with us…er, um, temporarily, that is.

If you’ve just watched the above video, you’re either scared, laughing, have lost your faith in humanity–or on the flip side, perhaps you’re feeling inspired.  I’m sure Shia would be delighted to know that you’re inspired. Some of you may be thinking how could she find value in this? Well, let me tell you!

  1. It takes a lot of courage to publicly share your message. Lunatic or genius, renditions of his video have over a million views on You Tube. Lesson: Not everyone will agree with you but take the risk and put yourself out there. 
  2. He’s right. Sitting around not doing anything isn’t going to get you anywhere. Lesson: Stop thinking about it and take action. Just dooooooo it!!!
  3. A memorable delivery of a passionate message will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Lesson: Communicate what you’re passionate about. If you can find an inventive way to dooooooo it, then give it a shot!
  4. Think about how many households Shia’s video continues to reach. Can your message withstand time and travel over distance? Lesson: If you have something to say on the world’s stage, own it forever.  You’ll earn way more credibility as opposed to someone who waffles back and forth in a convoluted message.

Now take some advice from Shia and MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!

What do you think about Shia’s message? Leave you thoughts in the comments below!