Engagement ShotMy name is Wendy. I lead a normal life <tick>. I have a normal job <tick> and live in a normal apartment <tick>. I follow the same routine every day <tick>. I put my big girl pants on one leg at a time <half a tick>. I pay my taxes on time <tick, tick, tick>. I play it safe <tick>, take zero risks <tick>, and prefer the status quo <tick>. Life is speeding by and I haven’t quite caught up <tick>. Heck, I haven’t gotten on the bike to try and keep up <tick>.

OK, so I don’t really  have a visible nervous tick–but it’s there metaphorically. Why should I have a nervous tick, you ask?  I live a fantastic life–hands down. I have a loving, supportive family. I’m marrying a smart, super hot man who loves me unconditionally. I’m fairly healthy. My job gives me a decent pay check. I don’t go to bed hungry, and there’s always food in the pantry when I wake up. I don’t worry about my safety when I sleep. I have a reliable car that gets me where I need to go. All in all, things are great and I’m so fortunate to  be surrounded by happiness. If things are so great, why do I have this underlying nervous tick that keeps surfacing? The answer is: I don’t know <tick>.

What I do know is that I’m stressed for no reason <tick>. I get headaches <tick>. I’m often tired <tick>. I feel like I’m always in a rush <tick> because I have to beat nightmare traffic if I want to go anywhere <tick> and I don’t own my time <tick>. I feel like I’m missing something–like there’s something else out there. There has to be more. I know I’m not the only person who feels trapped in a dull, monotonous life. There are others of you out there. Listen up everyone: it’s time to get rid of the nervous tick and we’re going to do it together!

Time for Facts
Look at the facts and be honest with  yourself.

I had to do a lot of thinking about how to get rid of my tick. I felt the need to breathe life back into life–my life to be exact. I decided that I wanted to start creating opportunities and experiences so I could live again. Part of that process was looking at the cold, hard facts and admitting what needed to change in my life. When I thought long and hard about what needed to change, I came up with “I want to do stuff“. It’s not the most intelligent statement I’ll admit, but it did start the gears turning in my mind. I wrote down the “stuff” I wanted to do in life so I could visually see what needed to get done. Some folks might call it a bucket list, but I call it a Tick Tock List. Unlike a bucket list, the Tick Tock List actually holds me accountable because each item has a deadline. It’s not just a listing of lofty dreams–it’s in writing with a due date.

My posts will highlight an item from my Tick Tock List and what I’m doing to make these experiences a reality. I’ll also post a Tick Tock Challenge which will be designed to get me moving, out of my comfort zone, and working towards the end goal. Feel free to try the Tick Tock Challenges too! Hopefully you can cheer me on as I begin my journey. Who knows–maybe you’ll start a journey of your own!

Tick Tock Challenge #1: Revisit a place from your past and make your peace with it.

Post your successes, challenges, and stories in the comments  below.